Burning Love

Carly or Annie? That's the question that Mark faces as season one of Burning Love comes to a close. Really, we're surprised he can consider any complex decisions at all. He's probably still figuring out "worldwind."

Mark gets one thing right: he tells Carly that he can't marry her. Or, at least he was going to before she took off running and jumped into the limo to get her the hell out of there.

But Mark decided not to propose to Annie either...instead, he breaks her heart, sends her home, and Bill brings back a familiar face.

That's right, Ballerina is back...and you can't unsee what Mark and Ballerina did when they saw each other.

But a jump forward to the reunion special shows that Mark eventually wised up about Ballerina's true nature, and he desperately tries to propose to Annie, who turns him down. So does Carly, Titi, and anyone else he asks, until Tamara finally says yes. 

Best of luck to those lovebirds, and we hope their children are not born with monkey organs.


"Can I be honest with you"—Mark
"You don't have to"—Carly

"Not this life, I got a headache!"—Carly

"They call salmon the spicy fish"—Mark

"Can a grown-up be a virgin?"—Mark

"I've basically been peeing out of my butt all day"—Carly

"Out of all the girls, you stood out as being the nicest and the cleanest, and probably the least crazy"—Mark

"I can't predict the future. I'm not Notre Damus"—Mark

"I haven't been this happy since my quinceanara"—Ballerina

"Most to all of us don't believe you"—Bill

"Hey, we all signed up for the show. We're all whores"—Vivian

"I know things now that I didn't know before"—Mark
"About yourself?"—Bill

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