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  1. Reign, Adelaide Kane, Amy Brenneman

    Reign's Wedding Bombshell: Torrance Coombs on Mary's "Heartbreaking" Choice, Upcoming Time Jump and More Scoop

  2. Reign, Adelaide Kane, Amy Brenneman

    Reign's Wedding Day Is Here! Amy Brenneman Previews Her Debut: "French Court Has Gone to Hell"

  3. Reign, Torrance Coombs, Adelaide Kane

    Reign: First Look at the Royal Wedding! Who Is Mary Eloping With and Whose Head Is on the Chopping Block?

  4. Katie Boland

    Reign's Clarissa Explains It All! Katie Boland Talks Acting Under a Burlap Sack and Shia LaBeouf Plagiarizing Her Look

  5. Reign

    Reign Sneak Peek: Why Is Queen Catherine Covered in Blood?! Watch Our Shocking Clip to Find Out Who Dies

  6. Amy Brenneman, Kate Walsh, Adelaide Kane, Reign

    Surprise! Kate Walsh Was Supposed to Play the Mom on This Amazing CW Show…

  7. Reign

    Reign First Look: What Are Mary and Bash Doing With a Baby?! Check Out the Adorable Pic

  8. Torrance Coombs, Adelaide Kane, Reign

    Reign Bombshell: A Wedding Will Happen By Season's End! Get Scoop on What's to Come for Mary and the Royal Brothers

  9. Toby Regbo, Adelaide Kane, Reign

    All Hail Reign's Return! Boss Dishes Scoop on Love Triangle Drama, Francis' (Eventual) Death and More

  10. Supernatural

    Supernatural's Future Revealed, The Vampire Diaries' 100th Episode Death and More CW Scoop

  11. Reign

    Reign's Adelaide Kane on the Midseason Finale: "Someone Will Die and It Sucks!" Plus, Love Triangle Scoop

  12. Reign

    Reign Sneak Peek: Francis Puts Himself in Danger to Protect Mary—Watch Now!

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