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Sofia Vergara's thick accent and voice, mixed with her comedic chops, have turned her into one of the funniest women on TV thanks to a Golden Globe-nominated role on Modern Family. But it was on The Tonight Show Tuesday where Vergara showed what her voice was truly capable of, thanks to a bit of helium provided by host Jimmy Fallon.

A fan of her voice, Fallon requested the actress suck on helium and say names and phrases. The results, of course, are nothing short of adorably hilarious. She began with a simple sentence: "My name is Sofia Vergara." Sounding like a high-pitched chipmunk, Vergara had the audience—and Fallon—in stitches.

The Chef actress also quipped in her altered voice, "My English is very good in this thing, no?" But for all the Spanish viewers, Vergara also gave a very loud, high-pitched shout out in her native language. "¡Vivan los Colombianos!"

Sofia Vergara, Jimmy Fallon, The Tonight Show


Fallon ended the segment by giving Vergara a name to say that under normal circumstances would be difficult: Ben Roethlisberger.

Watch the clip to see how she performs with her helium-altered voice!

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