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    ScarJo: Not Pregnant, Wants to Run a Brothel

    Scarlett Johansson, Harper's Bazaar Alexi Lubomirski for Harper's Bazaar

    Scarlett Johansson might call us sexist for putting that part about a brothel in the title. After all, she still seems pretty sore about being accused of having a crush on Obama in her Bazaar profile

    But the whorehouse reference is all ScarJo, with no twisting of words. When asked what her ideal role would be, she replied:

    "Every actor wants to work on a Western. I would run a brothel, like a madam or something. I'm working with what I've got. It's only so long that people are going to want to see me in a corset," she says with a laugh. "So I might as well do it now."

    But on to what everyone really wants out of any Scarlett Johansson interview: How Much Will She Say About Her Marriage This Time?

    If you guessed a little bit, well done.

    She takes pity on our poor souls starved for celebrity wedding details and graciously gives us a little taste of Ryan Reynolds' proposal:

    "I wasn't surprised that it was happening, but anyone being presented with a beautiful diamond ring, as a girl, you just squeal with delight. You say you can't believe it, but of course you really can. I think all proposals are romantic. It was very down-to-earth and genuine. There was no crazy skywriting or anything like that, just nice words, and it was very sweet."

    Smart girl. At this rate, she'll still be talking about her wedding ceremony for another 10 years. Other key takeaways: She's not pregnant (she just eats too many bagels), thinks Hollywood might be a little ageist and loves Google.

    She also feels the need to repeat her point about the media's sexism: "If I were George Clooney, they would never have written that." And she's right, we would have accused George of bromancing Obama, which is actually considerably worse, so maybe she should stop whining.

    And now, let's end this on a note of high drama. Take it away, Scarlett.

    Scarlett Johansson, Harper's Bazaar Alexi Lubomirski for Harper's Bazaar