The Creative Arts Emmys went down over the weekend, and as you can see in the sneak peek clip above, two of our beloved TV faves—Barney and Stella, aka Neil Patrick Harris and Sarah Chalke—kicked things off with their usual awesomeness (and ass-crackery).

We caught up with the cracked-out duo backstage and learned that Sarah is looking more and more like a How I Met Your Mother regular (hurrah!) and is apparently a "gentle kisser." Want more HIMYM and Scrubs goodies from the Emmy fiesta? Click in!

First things first: "That was not my real buttock, I wax!" Neil clarified to us after the segment you saw above, and I applaud him for his bravery (on the folding table and beyond).

As for working with Sarah, NPH said: "She's really a delight; she's gung ho for anything you throw at her. We love having her on HIMYM, this was super fun, and now that Scrubs has passed, maybe she'll come join our ranks for a while."

Speaking of Sacred Heart, Sarah said Scrubs shot its last scene ever on Monday, and the entire cast and crew were in tears. "I was so verklempt. It's an unbelievable chunk of time to spend with such a special group of people."

And now NPH is gunning for Sarah to come onto HIMYM full time and maybe even be the Mother: "The first time she ever was on set for the read-through, it was like she wasn't ever not on the show. She fits in real well; she works really well with Josh Radnor, their chemistry's strong, and she's a really delightful person off-camera, and a gentle kisser. I would've expected more of a ferocious tonguing—you think it would be a lot more angry. But just a flick of the tongue right on the lower lip; I wouldn't have thought that from Sarah Chalke."

Be sure to tune in to E!'s exclusive two-hour telecast of the Creative Arts Emmys on Sat., Sept. 20 at 8 p.m.

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