The Ranch, Ashton Kutcher


Y'all better brace yourselves: The Ranch trailer is here and oh boy is it a doozy. In the sneak peek at Ashton Kutcher's new sitcom, there's a laugh track, lots of shirtless Ashton, quinoa jokes and f-bombs. Told you it was a doozy

The Ranch also marks a That 70s Show reunion between Kutcher and Danny Masterson, but this time they're playing brothers. Colt (Kutcher) returns to the Colorado family ranch he left years ago after a brief (and failed) semi-pro football career. He's now running the family business with his older bother Jameson (Masterson), also known as Rooster, and his dad Beau (Sam Elliott). Colt and Beau haven't seen each other in 15 years. Awkward family reunion alert!

Oscar nominee Debra Winger also stars as Maggie, Colt and Rooster's mom, who runs the local town bar.

Elisha Cuthbert of Happy Endings also appears in the trailer as a potential love interest for Kutcher's character. Warning, it's Netflix, so they can say NSFW things now!

The Ranch premieres its first 10 episodes on Friday, April 1 on Netflix.

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