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Who knew all it would take for Kyle Richards to feel like talking to her sister Kim was a surprise performance from Andrea Bocelli?

That's right, as advertised, everyone's favorite feuding sisters finally came face-to-face during tonight's episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and, somehow, an out-of-the-blue appearance from the Italian tenor crooning "Ave Maria" was what spurred Kyle into action. After all, if your legendary music producer friend who regularly works with legendary vocalists invites one of said vocalists in the hopes of impressing you (and the audience at home) isn't a sign from your dearly departed mom telling you to call your sister, we don't know what is.

Kim Richards, Kyle Richards, Birthday Dinner


And that's just what Kyle did. She ran straight from the first dinner Yolanda Hadid's hosted since being sick (at some place called Wally's of all things) to surprise Kim at her birthday dinner. Sadly, the producers didn't get that on film. They did, however, make sure the cameras were rolling when Kim stopped by Kyle's for a visit, during which the two shed more than a few tears.

After a few requisite digs at absent Brandi Glanville—tonight, Kyle wondered why she had to tweet every time she was with Kim ("Why can't she keep it to herself?")—Kyle admitted to her sister that she thought she hated her. The admission caught Kim off guard, prompting the waterworks. (In her interview, choking back tears, Kim said, "I love with all my heart. I guess I'm hard to love." And with that, we were crying, too.)

"I love you, but I had these feelings or resentment too, and I was upset too, but when I started remembering the good stuff, it made it easier to pick up the phone or text you," Kim told her sister.

"Each time you had a problem, we go longer and longer without speaking to each other," Kyle replied. When Kim said they need to change that, Kyle added, "I don't really know how. And I don't know if there's that guarantee."

"Well, there isn't. If you have faith, try," Kim replied. "Otherwise, you'll never really get to love me again or whatever." Can it get any sadder between these two? Seriously. (And real talk: Kim looked healthy and happy, all things considered, and that's great.)

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, RHOBH


But enough with the sad stuff! Let's focus on what we all love RHOBH for—the delicious drama! And there was plenty of it this week, after Kathryn Edwards' shady move, running right to Lisa Vanderpump to tell her what Erika Girardi had to say about her. Naturally, when Vanderpump brought it up at Yo's dinner, Erika held her own like the boss we've come to realize she is. We're just going to leave the full transcript here because it was that good.

Vanderpump: "Why would you say to Kathryn don't get tangled in my web?"
Erika: "Oh. What I mean by that is I think you're very influential. And I think sometimes you might influence them."
Vanderpump: "You're strong women. You're not easily influenced, right?"
Erika: "OK."
Vanderpump: "I don't need anybody to speak on my behalf."
Erika: "Who said that someone was speaking on your behalf?"
Vanderpump: "Apparently she said, ‘How long have you known Yolanda?' And you said, ‘Did Vanderpump tell you to ask that?'"
Erika: "Oh, yes, I did. Because I found it interesting that she would ask it and you would ask it back to back."
Vanderpump: "It's coincidence."
Erika: "I am curious as to why you would want to know how long I've known her."
Vanderpump: "Why?"
Erika: "Why would you ask?"
Vanderpump: "It's a basic question."
Erika: "It is a basic question, but I believe your intent is something different and I'll leave it at that."
Vanderpump: "There's no intent. It's just a question."
Erika: "Why do I feel like there's something behind it?"
Vanderpump: Shrugs
Erika: "See, here's the thing: I feel like you're trying to discredit my friendship with Yolanda. That's why I asked. That's all. Just the truth. There's your answer."

So, it's safe to say opposing forces are growing as we march into the second half of this season. One one side, we've got Vanderpump, Kyle, and Kathryn, it would appear. And on the other, Yo and Erika. And, perhaps most shockingly, it's this war that's tearing besties Lisa Rinna and Eileen Davidson apart, with Eileen siding with Yo and Erika, while Rinna files rank behind Vanderpump. Things are about to get very interesting.

Spare Parts:

- Kathryn's kind of proving herself to be the worst, right? That was pretty crappy to run to Vanderpump immediately the way she did, and then the way she explained herself to Erika was even worse. "Well, I assumed we were speaking in confidence, and I guess we weren't," Erika told her. "Well, that's on you," she replied. Gross, Erika. That's not a friend.

- Kyle's baffled blinking when Rinna asked "If I sent Kim a text for her birthday, would that be just too weird?" was all of us baffled blinking. After all you've said about her, Rinna? Girl, bye.

- Only Yolanda Foster would describe Andrea Bocelli like this: "Oh, how cute is he? Isn't he the cutest?" Sure, Yo. Whatever you say.

- "I can't put my finger on it, but my gut's telling me this chick is not your friend." Your gut's right, Erika.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

(E! and Bravo are both part of the NBCUniversal family.)

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