William Shatner is not here for this trendy hairstyle.

As man buns continue to conquer the heads of dudes near and far, the actor turns to the Hashtaggers for help creating an "epic Twitter rant" to express his contempt for the popular hairdo.

"They're a menace," he tells the group, while also calling out Oscar winner Jared Leto. "They're out of control. I want to put an end to it."

The social media crew stays up all night—with the help of espresso shots served by a waiter who ironically has a man bun—to plan a tirade for the comedian to post on his account.

"Not since the Ten Commandments has a so-important rant been committed to tablet," Kal announces in the morning.

But did the Hashtaggers ultimately meet William Shatner's expectations? Watch the full episode above to find out!

Stream all the episodes of Hashtaggers here!

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