ESC: Hair Extentions

Tristan Fewings/Getty Images

When your fave celebs go from showing you their freshly cut lob on Instagram to walking a red carpet with a full head of hair, clip-in hair extensions are to thank.

They've always been somewhat of a hush-hush subject, but as celebrity hairstylist Marc Mena is about to point out, they shouldn't be.

The Problem: "I've noticed that people don't wash their clip-in extensions as often as they should," noted the expert. "Just like your normal hair, if you don't wash them they start looking dingy with a lot of build-up."

The Solution: "I suggest washing extensions every three to four uses with a light cleansing shampoo or baby shampoo, which will be gentle on them. Then follow that with a light conditioner," said Marc. "Don't use styling product to aid drying (no blow-dry serums allowed). The less product you use, the more prolonged the life of your hair will be—it'll also keep them clean and fresh."

Dry Them: "When you're ready to dry the extensions, dry the area by the clips first, then put the top of the extensions/clips in a drawer (and close the drawer) so that the shaft of the hair is hanging down and out of it," stated the guru. "This frees up both hands so you can handle a brush and blow dryer at the same time."

Store Them: "When storing extensions, I like to hang them from a pant hanger in my closet so they don't get crushed, dirty or static-y," concluded Marc.

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