This just isn't Kanye West's week.

As his feud with Taylor Swift continues, more celebs are throwing shade at Kanye and we have all of the details!

Taylor's boyfriend Calvin Harris took to Snapchat on Thursday to post a couple of videos about spreading "love, happiness and positive energy."

On the videos Calvin said, "Spread love, happiness and positive energy. Try that. F--king try that. Try it. Makes you feel good. It's way better than sitting on the internet and saying everything's s--t."

While he didn't say anything about Kanye directly, the video has everyone thinking that he's mocking Kanye's tweets from earlier this week.

In one tweet Kanye wrote, "There is so much positive energy right now … Let's stay on this Ultra Light Beam…"

So was Calvin really throwing shade at Kanye?

Watch the video above to get the scoop and to find out what Kristen Bell just said about Kanye!

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