The Hashtaggers have some explaining to do!

When Colin's (Peet Guercio) social media mistake leads to Snooki losing two million followers on Twitter, she's extremely upset. She calls the Hashtaggers to find out how they're going to get her followers back.

"Please tell me what you idiots have planned to get my two million followers back," Snooki says. "Let's hear it, wow me."

"Little House on the Prairie," Colin says.

"I did not expect to hear that," Snooki replies. "Go on."

Colin suggests they start a rumor that Snooki is up for the lead in the movie directed by Lena Dunham.

Once the rumor is out there, everyone will be talking and writing about it and "bam, followers galore."

But instead of saying that she is going to be in it, the team tells Snooki she'll deny it.

"You deny it," Cal (Carl Tart) says. "Because everyone knows when you deny a rumor people automatically assume it's true."

"And then it's not you spreading it even though it is," Molly (Patty Guggenheim) tells Snooki.

"Alright guys hell yeah! I love it," Snooki says. "But this better work or I'm bringing my fabulous self to a better agency."

The pressure is on! Will the Hashtaggers be able to get Snooki's followers back?

Watch the second episode of E!'s digital series above to find out!

Plus you can watch all of the episodes of Hashtaggers on EOL!

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