Hashtaggers, Behind-the-Scenes Photos


Hashtaggers is here!

You can watch E!'s new digital series starring Patty Guggenheim, Peet Guercio, Carl Tart and Kimberley Crossman right now!

The hilarious show revolves around four employees at a social media agency. The group secretly helps celebs with their Twitter accounts, but things don't always go according to plan.

Watch the episodes below to find out what happens when the Hashtaggers attempt to help celeb clients Heidi Montag, William Shatner, Snooki, Johnny Weir, Stassi Schroeder, Kevin Smith and more with their social media accounts and beyond!

EPISODE ONE (Johnny Weir): In the first episode, Johnny Weir wants the Hashtaggers to help keep him in the public eye. Watch to see what happens when the Hashtaggers have Johnny get into a Twitter feud!

EPISODE TWO (Snooki): See what happens when Colin's mistake leads to Snooki losing two million followers on Twitter!

EPISODE THREE (Will Sasso): Will Sasso accidentally posts a picture of his private parts, but no one is interested. Watch the video to see what happens when he asks the Hashtaggers to help make his second picture trend!

EPISODE FOUR (William Shatner): William Shatner wants to end man buns! Can the Hashtaggers help him go on a Twitter rant to put a stop to man buns?!

EPISODE FIVE (Heidi Montag): Heidi Montag needs help finding her phone! Watch to see if the Hashtaggers can help Heidi track it down.

EPISODE SIX (Kevin Smith): The Hashtaggers meet with Kevin Smith to talk about a new product he's endorsing, Tenia. See what happens when Kevin tells them what Tenia really is!

EPISODE SEVEN (Stassi Schroeder): Vanderpump Rules star Stassi Schroeder meets with the Hashtaggers in order to have them help her dog Zoe beat Prince Hilton's social media following! Can they help her? Watch to find out!

EPISODE EIGHT (Ian Ziering): Colin still holds a grudge against Ian Ziering from back in his acting days. See how Colin treats his "rival" Ian when he visits the Hashtaggers' office!

EPISODE NINE (E!'s Zuri Hall): E!'s Zuri Hall helps the Hashtaggers get a sweet job, live-tweeting the Oscars! But on the way to the show, the Hashtaggers get stuck in traffic! Will they make it to the show? Watch to find out!

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