Ryan Reynolds is easily one of the most handsome men walking around Hollywood, so anyone who has seen a trailer for Deadpool knows that his appearance takes a backseat after a surgery to cure his cancer leaves him slightly deformed.

Unfortunately, his daughter James, 1, is used to seeing him the same way day in and day out—hot AF—but a quick visit to the Deadpool set left her a dad traumatized. "It made her cry and she filled her diaper instantly," he told E! News of his daughter's first experience seeing him in full makeup. "When your daughter sees you every day like normal and then sees that they're going to have a little moment of freak out."

She might only be 1 year old, but James is a smarty-pants. "She figured it out quick," Reynolds added. "It made her sob." Aww! Well, hopefully she was able to get over it quickly. Even though Reynolds and his wife, Blake Lively, have given us little nuggets about their daughter, we still don't know much (we only just found out he birthday). But now we do know that she's "walking and talking," thanks to Reynolds, who spilled the details on the red carpet. 

Ryan Reynolds

Ken McKay/ITV/REX Shutterstock

The Van Wilder star also opened up about his skintight costume and how difficult it was to put on and take off, but it was a different accessory that made for interesting time on set: his "prosthetic dong." Reynolds, 39, joked he only had to use it "for the naked scenes."

Ryan Reynolds? Naked? Sounds like a treat to us. He probably enjoyed filming them much better than his costumed scenes, as it took him a long time to get in and out of the red suit every day.

"With some assistance," he said of getting dressed. "It's not easy actually. By the end of the movie I could get in that suit in about 10 minutes. In the beginning it took about 45 minutes."

So how did he learn to adapt so quickly? Watch the video to find out! Beware, though, he uses the word "moist."

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