Family Feud


Seriously, Sheila?

You had one job. To give a different answer to this Family Feud question than your teammates.

This game show screw-up is so painful, so frustrating, and yet... we can't look away.

Host Steve Harvey called it: "The greatest television that won't be seen."

We call the unaired clip, possibly, the worst Family Feud answer of all time.

Behold for yourself...

Things start out simple enough.

Harvey asks contestants to tell him another way that people say "mother."

And, oh mother, things go downhill from there.

Sheila's team decides to play after winning the face-off question with "mommy."

Then they guess "nanny" and "nana," neither of which are on the board.

Then we meet... Sheila.

Sheila guesses "nana," but with a slightly different inflection in her voice.

Yes, it's the same word that was just said.

Family Feud GIFs


She follows up with "mommy," once again using a different inflection.

Reminder: This answer is already on the board.

Her third answer? "Mommy." Again.

Family Feud GIFs


After Harvey tap dances around the stage, leads the audience in a sing-along, and generally loses his s--t, we'd like to tell you Sheila finally gets her act together for her fourth and fifth attempts at guessing.

We'd like to tell you that.

Unfortunately, you'll have to watch the video (above) to find out how Sheila handles it.

Does it count as one of the worst game show answers ever if it's technically five terrible answers?


Speaking of crazy Family Feud responses, you will not believe what this guy said to Steve Harvey...

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