Justin Timberlake Birthday Graphic

Happy birthday, Justin Timberlake!

Hope y'all are wearing your baby blue today (shoutout to all the original 'N Syncers), because JRT is officially 35. It's not easy to make the transition from child star to teen idol to solo artist to actor to all-around entertainer, but Justin's done it with ease—for the most part.

He did have questionable style moments through the years (ramen noodle hair, corn rows, double denim with Brit...) and it took him a minute to get the acting thing down (anybody still have a VHS of Model Behavior?). But what could've been awkward was endearing, and what could've been cheesy came off as kind of cute. Justin's talent got our attention, and his charm kept us wanting more—no amount of bad hair or early-2000s fashion could detract from that.

Now this sweet kid from Tennessee is a world-famous superstar—and a husband and father, to boot! So today, in honor of Justin's 35th birthday, let's take it back to the beginning...

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