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Nikki Bella, Brie Bella


Lace up those boots—it's almost time to step back into the ring!

The Total Divas season five premiere is only one week away, which means your favorite WWE ladies, Nikki Bella, Brie Bella, Eva Marie and more, will be back in action for more drama and debauchery!

Since the last season cruelly left us with several cliffhangers, we've been waiting with bated breath to find out what's in the cards for this bevy of butt-kicking beauties. In anticipation of show's return, here are the six questions we're anxiously hoping to have answered this season!

1. Will Nikki Bella kiss Dolph Ziggler?

Nikki's ex-boyfriend Nick began raising red flags with Brie after he started being extra flirty with her twin sister and inching his way back into her life at the end of last season. Her suspicions were confirmed when he finally admitted he still had feelings for Nikki. After pulling her aside for a heartfelt conversation, he confessed he was willing to give her marriage and children—two things her current boyfriend, John Cena, would not. He then leans in to apparently prove his affection with a smooch. But will Nikki welcome the advance? And how will John feel when he gets wind of this? We can't wait to find out!

2. Will we hear wedding bells?

Paige was shocked when her boyfriend, Kevin, proposed to her out of the blue at a tattoo parlor. Although she accepted the ring, she soon after told Alicia Fox she didn't want to get married at all. She struggled with how to tell her new fiancé the bad news because she was terrified of hurting him and ruining their relationship. So much so, she asked Alicia and Rosa Mendes to help her practice letting him down easy—which only scared her even more. Will she bite the bullet and just let the cat out of the bag, or continue the engagement? Only Tuesday will tell!

3. How will Nattie deal with TJ's injury?

Nattie Neidhart was shaken up when hubby TJ suffered a brutal injury to his neck and spine in the wrestling ring. She decided the best decision is to focus all her energy on his recovery and take a step back from her career and pass up an eye surgery the doctor recommended. Will she be able to bounce back after her mini break?

4. Will Eva Marie continue to beef with the other Divas?

The Diva squad was pissed when they found out Eva was receiving special treatment and private training sessions and they weren't shy about letting her know it. Nikki tried to smooth things over by meeting with Eva face-to-face, but that seemed to only make matters worse. At this point, Eva doesn't seem too concerned with the drama, but it will be interesting to see how it all plays out.

5. Will Brie Bella start a family?

It's no secret Brie has had baby fever for quite some time. She even so far as to have a tattoo removed from her butt because she wouldn't "know how to explain it to her kids." Nikki exclusively told E! News in September she thinks there will be a Bella bump in 2016, which would be adorably cute!

6. Who is the newest Diva?

The new season will welcome a brand-new Diva named Mandy into the crew. We still don't know too much about the newcomer, except that she's blonde, beautiful and crazy fit. Let's see how she'll get along other ladies!

Watch the season premiere of Total Divas Tuesday, Jan. 19 at 9 p.m., only on E!