Jennifer Lawrence

Let's hope this doesn't get in the way of Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer's friendship, because the world is a much better place with these two together.

The two gal-pals were going up against each other tonight at the 2016 Golden Globe Awards for Best Actress in a Comedy Movie, and when the envelope was ripped open, presenters Kate Bosworth and Sophia Bush revealed that J.Law snagged the award for her work in David O. Russell's Joy.

She quickly turned to Schumer, and the two embraced in a sweet hug, before she head to the stage (and no, she didn't trip and fall this time).

Thank you. HFPA, thanks. Where are you, David? I was just there," Lawrence began. "Every time I'm up here, it is because of you. Thank you for choosing me. Thank you for your brilliance. Thank you for teaching me so much, professionally, personally, I don't know. I don't know. Your love of cinema is so pure and you're so untainted by all of this. You make movies like you don't even care if anyone ever sees them."

LOL, she then backtracked a little bit, explaining, "I mean that as a compliment. I just heard it."

Lawrence continued, "But really, it's such a good, pure thing. Joy Mangano, thank you for your story. Thank you for giving so much. It is such an honor to play this character. Thank you to our supporting cast. Thank you to my hometown, Kentucky and to my family and thank you. Thank you. David, I love you. I want us to be buried next to each other. I really do."

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