Dom is proposing to girlfriend Lizzy Milian on tonight's season finale of Christina Milian Turned Up!

On the episode, Dom enlists Lizzy's family to help him surprise her with the proposal.

"We're all taking Lizzy out for a pretend early birthday dinner," Christina Milian explains in the clip above. "But Lizzy has no idea what's about to happen."

Christina goes on to explain, "While Dom was in France he called me and he asked me for some help in finding a nice restaurant where he could… propose for Lizzy! Yes. He's ready!"

Christina, Lizzy, Danielle Milian and Carmen Milian arrive at the restaurant for dinner. They sit down and Christina, Danielle and Carmen try to play it cool.

The ladies have set up a plan for Christina to go to the bathroom and then send Lizzy to go find her when she doesn't return.

When Lizzy goes to find Christina, she'll see Dom who's waiting to propose to her! Aw!

What will Lizzy say to Dom?!

Check out the clip above to see the Milian's help Dom propose to Lizzy!

Then watch Christina Milian Turned Up tonight to see what Lizzy says when Dom asks her to marry him!

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