The Bachelor, McDonald's


Remember all those times you were at McDonald's and you were like, "hmm, they're selling breakfast, but I don't know if I should order breakfast."

No? Neither did we, because why the higgins would we ever not order breakfast if they're selling breakfast? 

That, however, is the exact situation that Bachelor Ben Higgins found himself in at the start of a McDonald's commercial that aired during tonight's Bachelor premiere. 

Fortunately, he had some help with his big brunch decision from a few familiar faces, including Chris Soules and Sean and Catherine Lowe

Just watch it below, we guess, and wonder what has happened to the world. 

See? Wasn't that a strange time?

Don't you wish you were also a former reality star so you could get some of that sweet Mickey D's money for doing nothing but sitting at a table feeding fries to your husband? 

Sigh. Happy 2016 everybody!

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