Rejoice, Bradley Cooper is back on your small screen once again. The Oscar nominee and Limitless executive producer (don't forget he also starred in Limitless the movie), returns as Senator Edward Morra, but it's not exactly a happy reunion for Cooper's character and Brain (Jake McDorman). In the exclusive clip above, Brian takes Eddie to task with some tough questions about a mysterious and dangerous woman, murder and NZT. You know, the normal stuff.

"The work we do, it's in the shadows for now. I operate in the dark because I have to," Cooper's character informs Brian. You see, Brian's been presented with some serious information by the mysterious Piper (Once Upon a Time's Georgina Haig), but Eddie maintains quite the opposite story.

Bradley Cooper, Limitless


In the episode, an assassination attempt is made on Eddie Morra's life, leading Brian to sabotage the FBI's investigation to present Eddie's connection to NZT from being exposed. How far will Brian go to protect Eddie?

Limitless airs Tuesdays. 10 p.m. on CBS.

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