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‘90s kids and anyone who prefers drinking while seeing through their caffeinated beverages at the same time: listen up! There is some exciting news to be heard and it involves a nostalgic drink that may have been taken off the shelves but it was never taken off our hearts.

We're obviously talking about Crystal Pepsi, which made a splashy debut in 1993. You remember the commercial, right? It looked like one of those video resumes Barney made on How I Met Your Mother.

Crystal Pepsi may have been a punchline back in the day, but now that the ‘90s are so hot right now, it's back in a big way. Pepsi announced on Tuesday that fans will be able to win their own six-pack of the clear soda with a sweepstakes on the Pepsi Pass app.

Crystal Pepsi

Pepsi Co.

Beginning at noon on Dec. 10, fans can enter the contest through the app and if you've been a good boy/girl this year, then maybe you'll win your own Crystal Pepsi just in time for the holidays! What more could you want? A Playstation? Um, who cares about a video game system when you can see through your soda?!

Pepsi also released a short to celebrate the return of Crystal Pepsi, and it's just a fantastic ode to the ‘90s. Watch below and we dare you not to get nostalgic as hell when you hear that familiar dial up tone: 

And lest you forgot, here is the original Crystal Pepsi ad from 1993:

This contest must have been what Pepsi Co. was referring to back in June when they sent a cryptic letter to a Crystal Pepsi super fan who was campaigning to bring it back. Which proves that sometimes, dreams really do come true. At least for ‘90s kids.

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