Batman? Blah. Indy? Eh. Hulk? Hmph. It's been a big week for new trailers, but none has the, uh, flavor of this little number heralding Beverly Hills Chihuahua


Some might question the timing of unleashing such a teaser—hundreds of Mexican dogs, singing and dancing on an Aztec ziggurat, with voice-over from George Lopez—on Cinco de Mayo.

We say, go for it! Why not?!

What better way for Hollywood to celebrate a Mexican holiday than by promoting a movie with Drew Barrymore in the lead Chihuahua role—as a pampered pup lost South of the Border who gets help from Lopez, Salma Hayek and Andy Garcia to get home.

Anyway, this is easily the best dancing-dog number we've ever seen, so that's something. What do you think? Sound off in the comments.

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