Laverne Cox, Emma Watson

Marion Curtis/StarPix; Tim P. Whitby/Getty Image

Dream team alert! 

Laverne Cox took to Twitter on Wednesday to reveal she's been "hashtag brainstorming" with Emma Watson, sharing the following post, "#ILoveMenButHatePatriarchy. Our new hashtag brainstorming with @EmWatson."

The 31-year-old Orange Is the New Black star and the 25-year-old English actress have both been big advocates for gender equality. Cox became the first transgender woman to cover Time magazine last year while Watson, who is a goodwill ambassador for the U.N., made headlines in September 2014 when she helped launch the HeForShe campaign and delivered a powerful speech at the United Nations headquarters. 

While it's unclear if Cox and Watson are teaming up for a project (the former Harry Potter star has not responded to Laverne's tweet), the two are seemingly hoping to spark a conversation on the social media site.  

"@EmWatson the logic behind #ILoveMenButHatePatriarchy is an indictment of the system of patriarchal oppression and its values not of men," Cox wrote.

HeForShe is a solidarity movement for gender equality. The movement encourages both men and women to take action against gender discrimination, and, as Cox points out, this also includes standing-up for the transgender community.  

"@EmWatson folks of all genders can uphold patriarchal systems &values or find ways to resist & the spaces between #ILoveMenButHatePatriarchy," the transgender activist wrote. 

She added, "@EmWatson disagreement is cool. The hashtag came out of some brainstorming. Choosing to share something in process encourages dissent." 

Color us intrigued. Here are a few responses to Cox's tweet: 

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