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Spoiler Alert: Robin Scherbatsky is the Mother!

Or rather, she's going to be a mother. People reports that Cobie Smulders of How I Met Your Mother and actor Taran Killam are expecting their first child. This comes just weeks after the announcement that her costar Alyson Hannigan is having a baby with hubby Alexis Denisof.

Congrats, ladies!

Cobie's man Taran has appeared on MadTV, Nick Cannon's Wild 'N Out and a little show called How I Met Your Mother. (Cute fact: He and Cobie were born two days apart, according to IMDb.)

Happy news, right? And yet the mind boggles: What is in the water over at How I Met Your Mother? Fertility experts should tap that stuff, 'cause it seems to be mighty potent! Also, will the producers be stocking up on oversize laundry baskets and handbags, or might their characters, Lily and Robin, be preggo, too?

Executive producer Craig Thomas reveals his plans for the Mother mamas...

Craig says, "Everyone's tremendously excited by all the impending motherhood here at How I Met Your Mother. We're all so happy for Cobie and Aly, who will undoubtedly be amazing moms! 

"And now, a public service announcement: If you're trying to start a family, please come visit the set of How I Met Your Mother. Just come by and hang out for a day or two. We can't legally guarantee anything, but by the time you leave, you will almost certainly be pregnant.

"Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go down to our Wardrobe Department to check out the large burlap sacks Robin and Lily will inexplicably be wearing for the rest of the season."

Conclusions based on Craig's comments? (A) He's hilarious, (B) Sounds like Robin and Lily will be going the baggy clothes route this season rather than taking a detour through babytown.

What do you guys think? Should either Robin or Lily have a baby on How I Met Your Mother, if not this season, then sometime in the future? 

And if it was Robin that got pregnant, would Barney or Ted be the best dad?

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