Even though Zac Efron and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson have announced they're going to star in a movie adaptation of Baywatch, Pamela Anderson isn't so convinced it will actually happen.

"I'll believe it when I see it, but I wish them the best," Anderson, who played C.J. on the long-running campy drama, told E! News last night at PETA's 35th anniversary gala in Hollywood. "I've heard this for 15 years."

In fact, Anderson isn't exactly hoping the flick ever gets made. "It was charming on television and when you make a TV show [into] a movie I think it loses some of its charm," she said, adding, "Looking back, it was, Oh, my God! It was innocent, it was sexy, it was fun. We were just happy to be on the beach to get a tan."

Baywatch Cast


Anderson declined to offer up any of today's stars to take on the role of C.J. in the movie. "I'm irreplaceable," she said. "No one could play me."

Efron and Johnson confirmed they had signed on for a Baywatch movie in August.

Johnson tweeted at the time, "BIG NEWS: Welcoming my dude @ZacEfron to #BAYWATCH. Our movie will be big, fun and RATED R.. Like me when I drink…"It's BIG. Me and bud @ZacEfron been talkin' bout this one for a long time. And someone get my baby oil. #RatedR."

Efron responded, "So stoked brother - baby oil for 2 plz."

Now, we want to hear from you. Who do you think should play C.J. in the Baywatch movie? (We've already heard Charlotte McKinney has met with producers about the role.) Leave your suggestions below.

And speaking of Efron, Zooey Deutch confirms that we'll be seeing her making out with the hottie in their upcoming comedy Dirty Grandpa (in theaters Jan. 22, 2016).

"He's the best," Deutch gushed about her leading man at the recent launch event for Verizon's new mobile video service go90. "He's the best guy. He's so wonderful. He's such a nice guy. It's impossible to not love him."

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