Stephen Amell is well aware that last night's Arrow left us fans with so very much we have been wanting (Olicity, finally!) and so much we decidedly did not (Oliver killing off his own alter ego, Arrow).

It was an emotional roller coaster on steroids—so much so that I'm now mixing metaphors and making no sense—but fear not! Stephen is here to tell you everything you need to know to calm your fears.

"Arrow is done," he told me on the CW Upfront carpet this morning in NYC. "No more Arrow suit. I've worn it for the last time." 


Cate Cameron/The CW

Errrrr…GULP. That wasn't the news we were wanting!

Click on the video above to hear what Stephen can spill about what's ahead for Oliver and Felicity, where they might be heading, and if the show's title will even still be Arrow

Basically just…Gulpity. Gulp. Gulp City.

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