Madonna, Guy Ritchie


Don't believe everything you read. Especially when it pertains to Madonna.

The singer's publicist is shooting down the overeager flurry of weekend reports claiming custody and financial matters have been reached at lightning speed—and, naturally, in the pop star's favor—for Madonna and her soon-to-be ex-hubby, Guy Ritchie.

While both Britain's Sun and Daily Mail went to press Saturday with seemingly believable divisions of the duo's nearly $600 million combined assets, Madonna's right-hand woman Liz Rosenberg has denied that they, or any other reports of a settlement, are accurate.

"I will not be commenting on the various reports regarding the divorce or of the settlement, which has not been finalized," she wrote in an email to the Associated Press.

The supercouple-no-more, who announced plans to divorce last Wednesday after nearly eight years of marriage, are expected to battle it out over money, property and, chiefly, custody of their two sons, 8-year-old Rocco and 3-year-old David.

While Madonna clearly provides the lion's share of the duo's combined wealth, accounting for roughly $525 million of their estimated $560 million fortune, the since-disputed weekend reports saw Ritchie walk away with just a fraction of that total.

Per the Sun, Ritchie was said to have accepted a roughly $35 million cash settlement, along with rights to the couple's 1,200-acre Wiltshire country estate and a London pub purchased by the couple.

The Daily Mail, meanwhile, pegged Ritchie's payout at considerably less, claiming the director would receive just $17 million in exchange for their country estate, full access to their sons and for agreeing to a gagging clause, which would legally prevent him from talking about their split.

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