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Brothers & Sisters: Find Out Who Will Play Ryan!

Luke Grimes, Brothers and Sisters Cast ABC, George Pimental/Getty Images

Attention Walker siblings of Pasadena, Calif.: Meet your new illegitimate half-brother!

Yep, William Walker's secret son, Ryan Lafferty, arrives later this season, and sources whisper Luke Grimes has been nabbed to play the part. Luke's not a big name, but he definitely looks like he could be a Walker brother, don't you think?

Before you run off to IMDB, Grimes has appeared in Assassination of a High School President and All the Boys Love Mandy Lane, and earlier this year he won a Best Supporting Actor Best of the Fest Award at the Breckenridge Festival of Film for his part in War Eagle, Arkansas. Also, he is not

Now, exactly when does Ryan join the family and what will go down? I've got the dish...

Insiders tell me that Ryan first appears in episode 14.

As you may remember, when the casting call for this part first went out, the character was described as an all-American kid who once upon a time had dealt drugs but was past that now. We also know that Ryan was raised far from the maddening crowd that is the Walkers—in fact, he doesn't even know they exist. To top that off, Ryan's mother is dead, so his one real-life connection to the Walkers is gone. (On the other hand, at least we won't have put up with another Holly-esque figure complicating matters.)

Now, how does this all go down? Long before we meet Ryan himself, we'll see Kitty (Calista Flockhart) visit Ryan's hometown of Bakersfield, Calif., where she'll start searching for the truth about her new little brother. George Lafferty, the man who raised Ryan as his own, will be played by David Andrews, and he's both very protective of Ryan and very suspicious of the Walkers' intentions toward his son.

According to inside sources, producers are hoping to bring Luke on as a regular in season four if the storyline and character work out with fans.

So, we haven't seen him onscreen yet, but what do you think of this news? Are you happy with this new addition to the clan, even if he isn't played by (your suggestions) Gregory Smith, Scott Porter or Jason Dohring? Personally, I'm digging the idea of fresh blood...especially since it's of the hot, bad-boy variety..