Helen Mirren is proving once again just how amazing she is!

While appearing on The Tonight Show last night, host Jimmy Fallon pulled a hilarious stunt on the Oscar winner. "You have the best British accent. It's very proper," Fallon complimented Mirren, adding, "I was just wondering if your voice sounded the same on helium."

Fallon then pulled out two balloons so that he and the 69-year-old actress could continue the interview with silly, high-pitched voices. "I haven't done this since I was about 11," Mirren laughed before the duo sucked in some helium.

"Where do you keep your Academy Award?" he asked. Mirren answered, "I keep my Academy Award on the stairs, actually, in my house in London. Halfway up the stairs."

Jimmy Fallon, Helen Mirren


"You have to give me an award and I'm going to do my acceptance speech," Mirren added before saying in a squeaky tone, "Oh thank you, I'm so honored...I want to thank my whole crew and my husband. I love you, darling. I love you very, very much."

"Wait, I'm getting light headed. I'm going to pass out," Mirren cracked as the audience laughed and cheered.

So what got Mirren to hilariously mention the word "dick"? Watch and find out!

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