Willow Shields is having a moment. A Girl on Fire moment. The Hunger Games star ignited the Dancing With the Stars dance floor with partner Mark Ballas for their fire and ice Paso Doble. The couple received scores of eight across the board for a total of 32, the third highest score. All this through an injured wrist, rib issues and then some.

"It was great," Willow told E! News' Ali Fedotowsky backstage after her performance. "I feel like going into it, I was a little bit scared because I wasn't feeling that well, but I'm really happy. I think I really love getting into the moment and just going for it, so it was great."

Mark revealed they gave Willow time in the ice pool to address her injuries, which included a popped rib.

As for her Girl on Fire moment, Willow said she has heard from her Hunger Games costars, including Jennifer Lawrence, who is "really excited."

"I think everybody is like, ‘Where did this come from? Oh my god, you're dancing!' Like Jen, of course she was like, 'Oh god, I would be so scared to do that.' They're all very excited."

Click play on the video above to find out more about Willow's shocking injuries and her thoughts on the big One Direction split.

Dancing With the Stars airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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