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The fallout is going to have to wait a week.

Though Jake (Scott Foley) and David (Josh Malina) were left shell-shocked when Huck finally came clean about B613 in last week's Scandal, a move that could destroy many of D.C.'s major power players, fans are going to have to wait a little bit longer to see Olivia (Kerry Washington) learn of Huck's, or should we say Diego Munoz's betrayal.

"We're going to find out in…not the next episode, but the one after that what Olivia's reaction is and what's going on," the whistleblower himself Guillermo Diaz told E! News at the 2015 HRC Los Angeles Gala Dinner for the Human Rights Campaign (HRC). "It's not going to go very smoothly, I can say that!"

And he also could spill that there's no going back for Huck or anyone involved with B613. "Oh man, the lid is off!" he teases. "They're exposed now. I can say the investigation is going to go forward. Jake and Rowan are kind of in the picture and we're all kind of watching our backs. Nobody knows what's going to happen."

Yeah, you know it's bad when Rowan (Joe Morton), Olivia's father, the former head of B613, is getting involved. Gulp

While Huck realizes he's put Olivia, himself and others in jeopardy, Diaz explains, "I think his family came first."


ABC/Nicole Wilder

And sharing a sweet—dare we say innocent moment?—with his wife Kim (Jasika Nicole), who pushed him to testify after he gave her all of his B613 files, on the porch after his testimony was a welcome change for Diaz, whose previous romantic scenes involved licking, blood and torture. "It was nice to play those scenes. It was nice not to be torturing anybody!"

At least one good thing came out of Huck's time with the assassin organization: a crap-load of money...though Diaz isn't sure Huck is a big spender. "I think he's just holding onto it," he says with a laugh. "I think he's one of those people that doesn't spend it very well. He just buys a couple of things." 

But he can imagine what Huck would splurge on: "I would say more computers. Cameras, computers, wires and adaptersall that tech kind of stuff!"

Scandal airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on ABC.

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