The Mindy Project, Outlander, House of Cards, Empire

Fox; Starz; Netflix

It's starting to get nice out. You know what that's time to binge-watch some TV shows!

Come on, who needs sunshine, fresh air and all that crap when there's so many good shows on right now?! And yes, it can be overwhelming, trying to decide which ones to invest your time in, which is where we come in. May we humbly present to you 23 of our favorite TV series perfect for a marathon binge session, from older favorites (Buffy!) to new obsessions (Empire!) to gems that recently left us (Parenthood, sniffle!).

And in addition to serving up some small-screen suggestions, we're also helping you out when it comes finding a place to watch the shows and the snacks you should be munching on while doing so. And yes, it does feel very weird being our own role models. (A reference from one of the shows that made our list. Obviously.)

So click through our gallery below to find out which 23 TV shows you need to binge-watch ASAP.

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