Feminism Quotes, Taylor Swift, Ryan Gosling, Emma Watson, Ian Somerhalder

When Time ran a poll asking readers if the word "feminism" should be banned, Anna Kendrick called it a "f--king bummer," and we said that it represented the very reason why we need that word more than ever. And unfortunately, there are plenty of celebs who have said some seriously cringe-worthy stuff about feminism and about people who call themselves "feminists."

But of course, not every star believes that "feminism" is a dirty word. Emma Watson, Taylor Swift , Ryan Gosling, Amy Poehler, John Legend and many more celebs are proud to support gender equality and have been very outspoken about it.

If you ever need to read a powerful message about feminism, look no further than these stars who have wonderful and inspiring things to say about women and their right to equality in this world.

PHOTOS: Girl power! Stars' powerful quotes about feminism

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