ESC, Tips for Brittle Hair

Kailey Strachan for E!

Enlist a glam squad and anyone can have shiny, lustrous hair for a red carpet event. But when it comes to getting the healthiest of hair IRL, Gisele Bündchen wins everything. To take our hair from brittle, post-winter blah to Gisele-worthy shine, we tapped celebrity hairstylist and E! Style Collective member Marc Mena, who styles the strands of Mary-Louise Parker and Tina Fey, for tips on restoring hair to an envy-inducing state.

Upgrade your air: "Always have a humidifier in room," Mena advised. "The humidifier will help create moisture, which will help prevent dry locks."

Use a hydrating shampoo: Swap out your regular shampoo and conditioner for something heavier. "If you have fine hair and you're using volumizing shampoo, try switching to a moisturizing shampoo or deep conditioning shampoo," Mena said. "A creamier shampoo as opposed to a clear shampoo will help nourish hair."

Condition more deeply: When hair is particularly dry, bump your mask and treatment schedule to twice-weekly from once a week (or not at all). "In the winter, hair loses moisture—and less moisture means less shine," the sytlist said. "Putting moisture back into hair will increase shine."

If you're starved for time but still want to treat your hair to extra nourishment, try using leave-in condiitioners to give hair an all-day boost.

Eat healthy fats: "Eating foods that are high in natural fats (like almonds and nuts) will help add oil to your hair," Mena advised

Butter up:. Look for essential oils, shea butters and other butters as powerhouse ingredients in your hair care products and enlist them in your recovery plan for increased conditioning. 

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