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Want to give your green all you've got? We've got the makeup tips to make people green with envy over your rare-colored irises. From hazel and aquamarine to a deep forest and true green, this coveted eye has us mesmerized.

The shade is a standout on its own (as witnessed in actresses like Angelina Jolie,  Amanda Seyfried and Carrie Underwood) but when you pair it with the right eye makeup shades, it can take your whole look from sweet to absolute A-list.

Emma Stone, Fall Hair

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If Christmas has taught us anything, it's this: green and red go together, no matter what the age. The reason they pair so well? They're opposite on the color wheel—what's known as complimentary colors. Whether your green eyes are flecked with blue or yellow, looking opposite your shade on the color chart will provide you with hues that will look amazing with your unique eyes.

But back to red complementing green: You don't have to wear a bright scarlet eyeshadow to do the job. There are plenty of makeup-friendly tones that fall in the crimson category, including copper, bronze, terracotta, rich brown, pink, warm taupe and, of course, purple. Any of these shades can give the green in your peepers a major shout-out!

If you have lighter green eyes, feel free to pack on darker shades of the color in order to accentuate your hues.

Try using the above-mentioned tones to work a classic smoky look or to lightly line the eyes (simply line the upper and lower lash lines and smudge out for a soft-eye or leave it blunt for intensity).

An even more subtle way to bring out the contrast in green eyes is to use a slate grey or brown liner over a black one.

Finally, if you happen to be a green-eyed lady with pink undertones and pale skin, you might want to stick to the bluer side of the purples and always be mindful of applying any color with too much red around the eyes, as they can make you look sickly.

To play up eyes using cheek color, carry on the red-based look by applying blush in warm peach or coral shades, which helps make green eyes pop.

And for those looking to attract even more attention to green eyes, try sticking with red for the lips. How many times has Miss Stone blown your mind with a bold orange-red pout or has Angelina wowed with a bright red pucker? These colors, along with deep wines and Bordeaux shades, can also really bring out green eyes.

No matter which shade you go for, keep playing and experimenting with color because it is, after all, only makeup.

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