One high school student's dream is to go to prom with James Franco, so like any ambitious teenager, she asked him!

User princessbianca_xo, who is now listed as Bianca Figueroa-Franco LOL, recorded a video on YouTube and uploaded it on Instagram where she asked the Pineapple Express star to go to prom with her in one of the most amazing "promposals" we have ever seen!

"Full video in my bio and and at the end of this, but my senior prom is April 18th. I am a huge @jamesfrancotv fan and it would be my dream and make my entire life if he were to go with me. So please share this and tag him a million times! Lol use the hashtag #FrancoPromposal," she captioned her video.

In her video she references what seems like almost every single one of his movies, not only proving her die-hard fandom but also her impressive creativity!

James Franco

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

"Will you by the Michael to my Bennett, the Oz to my Galinda, the Daniel to my Kim?" she says, seemingly listing half of Franco's repertoire. "I mean honestly I can go on and on with all of these references, and I know the only way you'd go out with me is if horses were to fly..."

Cue the costumed horse with wings!

"...I promise if you go to prom with me everyone will hate us 'cuz they ain't us," she says as she wraps up her video.

Lucky for her, all of that hashtagging on Instagram got her a response from the one and only 127 Hours actor!

Posting a picture of Bianca from the video, Franco wrote, "WHAT A PROPOSAL!!!! I wish I could go to Prom @Princessbianca_xo but they'd hate us cuz they ain't us, fo' shore!!!"

James Franco, Prom Proposal


Although he politely turned down her offer, Bianca found some serious solace in the fact that he even responded.

"James Franco noticed my existence on 3/4/15, my life is complete," her Instagram bio now reads LOL.

Watch the video above to see her epic promposal.

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