If roses whisper love, we wonder what 60,000 white orchids scream? Whatever it is, that's what Jay-Z is shouting to his precious little flower Beyoncé

E! got the details exclusively from Amy Vongpitaka, owner of Amy's Orchids, who confirmed her orchids were used for Jay-Z and Beyoncé's Friday wedding in New York. Amy's Orchids is based in Non Nok Khai, a tiny town outside Sampran, Thailand. “Non Nok Khai is so small that there are no streets or addresses,” Vongpitaka said.

According to Vongpitaka, 100,000 orchids were cut there Wednesday, and the 60,000 best arrived in New York Thursday. There, a floral designer turned the orchids into eight-foot garlands that hung down from the ceiling to make the location look like an orchid palace.

“They would be beautiful long strands that would hang down and drape around the wedding area,” Vongpitaka said. “Beyoncé is beautiful, and she wanted to pick the perfect product for her wedding. My king and queen of Thailand order the same orchids from us every other month.”

We're not sure how much those royal orchids cost, but with even lowly prom orchids going for $40 each, that comes out to more than $2 million.

Here's hoping they got a volume discount!

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