Ariana Grande, Celeb Hairstyles

Getty, E! Illustrations

Ariana Grande is famous for many things: her amazing vocals, her impeccable fashion sense...and her signature ponytail.

While we love the songstress' chic 'do, it would be nice to see her take a page out of Rihanna's book and take some risks with her hair more often.

We decided to have a little fun and give the pop star a mini makeover with various celebs' hairstyles. We tried out everything from Gwen Stefani's bleach blond locks, Kim Kardashian's Paper cover topknot and Christina Hendricks' classic red bob. But our personal favorite might be Beyoncé's glamorous curls!

Take a look at all of Ariana's "new" looks and decide which one you like the best!

PHOTOS: Check out Ariana Grande's celeb hairdo swap!

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