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Finding. It hard. To breathe. And type. In the past few days, I've spent countless hours watching and interviewing the actors who play cannibalistic villains, face-chomping zombies, baby killers and the scariest damn clown that has ever existed (Sorry, clown from It!). The Walking Dead and American Horror Story both premiere this week, and you might need to practice some serious meditation and mind prep if you are to survive...

John S.: Quinn on Homeland is the best character on TV right now! What's coming up for him?
Our new leading man is definitely still brooding in the next episode. And may or may not snap when someone brings up his feelings for a certain blond CIA agent. You can also expect to see him share a pretty open and honest convo about his future with his motel manager/love interest. We're not gonna call it a love triangle, but clearly, Quinn's got some feelings that need to be dealt with. And he's very much wanting to leave the CIA. Also, Carrie gets a surprise visitor in Islamabad. The third episode is, again, solid!

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Evelyn: I'm dying for anything American Horror Story: Freak Show. Seriously, anything!
You may be watching a portion (or all) of this season with your hands over your eyes, there are some seriously frightful bits. Most of them are courtesy of Twisty the Clown, aka your new worst nightmare. Just wait until episode two! And in the first two episodes we get not one, but TWO musical numbers, courtesy of Jessica Lange and Sarah Paulson.
Teddybe: Is The Walking Dead premiere seriously that scary?
The first five minutes are terrifying, disgusting and the worst thing I've ever seen on TV. That descriptive enough for you? 

Callie: What's coming up this season on Supernatural?

Get ready to see a lot of soul-searching! "This season we're exploring in terms of theme, ‘You are who you are,'" executive producer Jeremy Carver told us. "Every character is going to have a bit of a reckoning in coming to terms with who they are and making some very hard decisions about the kind of person or the kind of angel or the kind of demon that they are going to be."

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Tammy: I'm choosing not to focus on the loss of Sweets, but rather the future of Bones. I think it's for the best. Help me move on with some scoop please!
How about some info on the show's 200th episode to help take your mind off of things? "It will be an episode unlike any we've ever done before," executive producer Stephen Nathan spilled. "We wanted to give a little gift to the fans…give them a little gift showing our characters in situation they would never normally find ourselves in and just see our characters from a different perspective." And no, before you ask, it's not a dream sequence. And yes, familiar faces from the past will be stopping by for the milestone episode. "We're going to have as many people who have crossed our paths as we possibly can," Nathan teased, before adding, There are limitations to that, of course."

Colleen: Any scoop on the big crossover episode of The Originals?
We asked Nina Dobrev to predict what trending topics will be taking over Twitter during the night of big appearance as Tatia, the original Petrova: "#Tatia, #Awesomesauce and hopefully #NinaCrushedIt."

Mark: Any scoop on Arrow?
Now that Roy's suited up in his own (and awesome) version of Ollie's leather getup, he's made the transition to a real part of the team, and there will be an episode that dives deep into what that means for the new, young hero. "We made a big deal about Roy joining the team and then didn't get a chance to do that much with it because we were pushing a lot of other story," executive producer Marc Guggenheim said about Roy's earlier storylines that revolved around joining Team Arrow. "You really feel like Roy is a part of Team Arrow and it's more than just wearing a costume. He's really present and a member of the group. The trio becomes a quartet." Plus, episode six will be all about Roy and explore his mentee/mentor relationship with Oliver.

Matt Lauria, Mae Whitman, Parenthood

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KelliAnn: Parenthood's final season is killing every way! Dying to know what happens with Amber and Ryan!
We've got an exclusive photo from Thursday's episode, which finds Amber breaking the big baby news to Ryan. And it looks like things will get emotional, but we're taking the handholding as a really good sign because we're huge fans of the adorable couple. Plus, we're hearing Matt Lauria will be returning again later in the season. So fingers crossed for a Ryber happy ending!

Reenie: I really loved seeing Haddie on Parenthood in the premiere. Will we be seeing more of her in the final season?
If it's up to her on-screen mom Monica Potter, Haddie will be making a lot of trips home from college. "I'm hoping more. I just texted Sarah [Ramos] and said, ‘I really, really want you to come back to the show.' She was like, ‘Have you heard anything?' But she'll be back. I miss her. She's just grown into this stunningly beautiful woman."

Nellie: So happy Reign is back in my life. But will there actually be ghosts this season?
Oh yeah. "We're seeing some ghosts this season it's because people were really superstitious," EP Laurie McCarthy previewed for us. "It's a castle full of guilty people. Even people who aren't villains feel a certain guilt for the way they live and what they're given." But are they vengeful spirits that may attack? "They're ghosts that one could imagine n their psyche really," McCarthy teased. "It's your personal demons."

Maggie Q, Dylan McDermott, Stalker


Caitlin: I'm already in love with Abe on Forever. He's so adorable, but I can't help but thinking they're going to tear him away from us soon! Is my precious Abe safe? Forever without Judd Hirsch as Abe? We can't see it happening and neither can star Ioan Gruffudd. We got the British leading man on the phone in an attempt to assuage your fears. Just read this in a sexy British accent:

"Interesting, interesting. This is the first time I'm hearing of this that the audiences are thinking that. I can't imagine that happening at all in the near future because that's one of the great relationships everybody is tuning in and enjoying so much," Gruffudd said. "That's a very special relationship in Henry's life because he's the only one who knows his secret at this point—him and the anonymous caller. I think that dynamic has to survive for a long time."

Mara: How are April and Jackson going to handle becoming parents on Grey's Anatomy?
Unfortunately we're going to have to wait a little bit to find out that answer. When we asked Sarah Drew that very same question, she told us that April and Jackson's storyline doesn't really pick up until "about episode 6." But expect lots of family drama when it does, since April's mama is coming to town!

Teddy: Will Maggie Q and Dylan M hook up on Stalker?
Whoa, whoa, whoa, buddy, slow your roll.  How dare you ask such an inappropriate question about a show that is clearly about horrible, horrible things and NOT romance? Just kidding. I wondered the same thing, cause let's face it, there's some flirting and sparkage. Kevin Williamson told us: "I think it will be a slow burn. I hope we have a series that people will respond to and it will go on and on, cause as you know, Dylan's character is grappling with his past and that storyline has to play out before he'd be ready for anything else. And Maggie's character has to do a little more internal work. She's got issues. So not any time soon."

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