If you just watched the series premiere of Stalker, good luck getting a good night's sleep!

Kevin Williamson's new CBS thriller about stalkers and their victims was so nightmare-inducing that we're ready to throw out all the rugs in our home and sleep facing the door, because the scariest part about this Maggie Q and Dylan McDermott drama is the fact that this actually happens in real life!

And that's exactly why Williamson wanted to create this show, because he actually had a scary, real-life experience with a stalker back in 1998.

When E!'s own Kristin Dos Santos sat down with the showrunner to talk about Stalker, he revealed what went down that inspired him to create this horrifying-yet-realistic show. Watch our exclusive interview with him above!

Maggie Q, Dylan McDermott, Stalker


"I've had this idea in my head since 1998," Williamson told us. "I had a little brush in with stalking after Scream 2. That's when I first became aware of the TMU, the Threat Management Unit, of the LAPD. And I thought, ‘Well this is a great idea for a TV show.'"

Before you ask, no, Williamson wasn't the stalker, he was the victim!

"I had a zealous horror movie fan that just felt the need to break into my house and let me know what a zealous fan he was," Williamson said. "It was scary. It wasn't to the extent such as Rebecca Schaeffer who ended up being a true victim of stalking and was murdered. She actually began the TMU. Her death allowed there to be the first stalking laws made in California."

In the years since he was stalked, Williamson has noticed an alarming upswing in how many stalking cases there are. "This is a very serious thing," Williamson said. "The internet has escalated stalking by 400%."

As if the premiere didn't scare you enough, now you have to worry about real-life stalkers too. Thanks for the nightmares, Williamson!

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