Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert

Comedy Central

Stephen Colbert and the crewmembers of his show clearly have a sense of humor when it comes to Gwen Stefani's big Emmys flub during Monday night's awards show.

While announcing The Colbert Report as the winner of Best Variety Series, the 44-year-old No Doubt singer accidentally mispronounced the show's name as something that sounded like the "Colbore Report."

Cue Colbert's reaction!

During Tuesday night's episode of The Colbert Report, the opening credits featured Colbert's name misspelled as "Colbore," clearly a cheeky nod to Stefani's flub.

While subtle, the show name change is pretty funny.

Right after Stefani's funny faux pas Monday night, Twitter erupted with comments from viewers who caught the butchering of Colbert's name. Some also likened it to John Travolta's embarrassing Oscars presentation of "Adele Dazeem" (he meant to say Idina Menzel!).

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