Jimmy Fallon, Giuliana Rancic

Imeh Akpanudosen/NBC/NBC via Getty Images

Jimmy Fallon brought the LOLs today at the 2014 Emmy Awards!

While chatting with Giuliana Rancic, the late night host and funnyman joked about Ryan Seacrest's absence from the E! News red carpet show.

"You look gorgeous as usual," Fallon said to Rancic. "Usually I'm here with Ryan."

"I put together a clip, if you don't mind, some of my favorite [Seacrest] highlights," he added. "This is great."

Fallon then took out his phone to show a slideshow of different pictures of Seacrest's blond hair highlights. LOL!

"Just different highlights," Fallon said as different images of Seacrest's ‘do flashed by. "Those highlights are from American Idol season four. That one was great highlights. That was just him on a yacht somewhere. I remember those highlights—that was a weird one. That was when he actually decided to audition for American Idol and actually sang."

"I got a bunch of highlights," he added. "I'll put them up on my Twitter feed."

Watch the hilarious video clip for yourself for more scoop from Fallon, including an update on his baby girl!

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