Justin Bieber is baby-faced once again!

The 20-year-old singer attempted the scruffy look, allowing his facial hair to grow in for a few days unhindered. On Wednesday, though, he finally took an electric razor to the face, shaving off his "mustache"—if you can really call it that!

"Should I do it?" he asks his pal in a video posted to Instagram. He assesses his facial hair situation in the mirror, lathers his upper lip-area with shaving cream and then, as the buzzing begins, says ominously, "R.I.P., 'stache!"

The Biebs was well aware his attempts at being a mustachioed man weren't exactly successful. Just hours before shaving off the 'stache, he posted a close-up selfie showing off the slightly-more-than-peace-fuzz levels of hair on his face, joking, "Beard game strong lol."

After saying goodbye to the 'stache, Justin shared another mirror selfie, adding unnecessarily, "ur boy got rid of his stache."

Then, he went on to hit the town with two friends. Or, as the fresh-faced singer put it, they were "Mobbin through the streets [in] #saintlaurent."

Well, well, that definitely sounds like the kind of activity that requires a clean shave!

The real question is, do you actually miss Justin's 'stache?!

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