Once upon a time, long ago (seven years, to be exact), Comedy Central tried to do a spin-off of the hilarious parody film Not Another Teen Movie by creating Not Another Teen Show, and if you're thinking, "Wow, I had no idea," it's because it never actually made it to your television screen.

But they did shoot a pilot for the show back in 2007, and—this is the best part—it starred Hollywood starlets Jennifer Lawrence and Alison Brie.

Oh, how far they've come.

The 2-minute-and-some-change clip features Mad Men and Community star Brie as "Muffy the Vampire Slayer" (hmm, wonder what they could be spoofing there), a high school student on the hunt for a werewolf, while J.Law plays a classmate who finds a stabbed janitor in the hallway (thanks to Muffy) and gets greeted by the injured man as "sugar t-ts." Be careful, blink and you might miss it.

There's also a lot of vulgar jokes mixed in there for good measure—watch!.

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