Everyone was pretty nervous when it was first announced that Yahoo! was going to snatch Community from oblivion. (Okay, by everyone, we totally mean us.)

Community is that special kind of show that only works when all the right components were in place. In new hands, would the little sitcom that almost couldn't still be the same Community we've known and loved for five seasons? Or would this experiment in giving a doomed show a second (or sixth) chance be one of the biggest failures in pop culture this decade?

Well, we can all rest a little easier now that the first teaser trailer has been released for Community season six. But even though the clip doesn't actually feature any new footage, it's clear from the nostalgic look back on all the seasons that came before that the show is committed to giving the fans exactly what they want: Community.

No extra bells or whistles. Just the study group, doing what they do best...aka not studying.

Plus, you've just got to love the extra snark the show adds in with its jab at ratings.

"Ratings? Where we're going, we don't need ratings!" the clip proudly claims.

Because every Community fan knows that ratings are a part of the darkest timeline. 

Watch the teaser trailer above and sound off about a Yahoo!-driven Community.

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