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This Guy Proposed to All of the Princesses at Disney World (and One Disney Prince Too)

Princess Proposals, Blaine Gibson Twitter

Blaine Gibson doesn't love Cinderella. He just loves the idea of Cinderella. 

Actually, any Disney princess will do, really. Hence, why he proposed to all of them—every single one and then some—while visiting Disney World. As for the ring? He went to Jared Walmart!

Who would have thought this would turn into a real-life (kinda) love story?

To Rapunzel:

Princess Proposals, Blaine Gibson Twitter

To Ariel:

Princess Proposals, Blaine Gibson Twitter

To Jasmine:

Princess Proposals, Blaine Gibson Twitter

To Tinkerbell:

Princess Proposals, Blaine Gibson Twitter

And even to Gaston:

Princess Proposals, Blaine Gibson Twitter

Who was probably a homophobe in the movie anyway. (And before you complain in the comments, we know Gaston is not technically a Disney prince, but he has great hair and works at Disney World, so we rounded up.)

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In the end, Tinkerbell said yes:

But Blaine would be settling, since he fell for one of the previous princesses: "Man, Ariel was hot," he recalled on the Rooster Teeth podcast. "My hope was that when I tweeted the photos—I was just really hoping for Ariel—that I would hear back... Somebody had to know somebody." 

And somebody did: "Sure enough, I found a guy who tweeted me that said he went to high school with Cinderella. Cinderella was kind of a bitch. And then I had a Disney employee who said she found Ariel and was going to give her my Twitter handle. But nothing ever happened."

Yet. When you wish upon a selfie...

And because you made it through this post, here is a picture to reward you:


(H/T Happy Place)

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