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    Cristiano Ronaldo Looks Stupid Hot on the Cover of Men's Health! See His Sexy Six-Pack Abs

    Cristiano Ronaldo, Men's Health PETER HAPAK/Men's Health

    Just look at this photo of Cristiano Ronaldo and try not to drool!

    The 29-year-old soccer star covers the latest issue of Men's Health, and to say his new cover is sexy is an understatement.

    In the hot pic, Ronaldo bares his ripped torso in blue jeans. The sporty hunk flaunts his six-pack abs, perfect pecs and rock-hard arms while striking a sizzling pose. Inside the mag, Ronaldo strips to only his underwear to show off even more of his god-like physique.

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    Cristiano Ronaldo, Men's Health PETER HAPAK/Men's Health

    "To be the best you can be, you have to be focused," Ronaldo tells the mag. "Training your mind is very important. Then distractions are no longer distractions. You can remain calm if you are confident. The harder you work and the more committed you are, the more confident you become."

    "I always try to improve," he continued. "Tomorrow I will be better than today, and next year will be better than this one. If I score 50 goals, I want 55. Some people say I'm too serious on the pitch, not smiling and so on. It is because I'm focused 100 percent on every game. I always want more and more."

    Ronaldo also dished that his sexy body and muscles just come with the job. "I don't do special exercise to get a six-pack," he said. "I train to be strong for the whole season."

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