She may not have been driving, but Tracie Rice still didn't appreciate having Lindsay Lohan all up in her grill.

Rice, who says she was a passenger in the car Lohan is accused of chasing moments before being arrested last month on suspicion of driving under the influence and cocaine possession, has sued the starlet for assault, negligence and intentional affliction of emotional distress.

According to the lawsuit filed Tuesday in Los Angeles Superior Court, Rice was riding with Michelle Beck, the mother of Lohan's ex-assistant, on the early morning of July 24, when a large SUV pulled up "grill to grill" with Beck's car and "made a corresponding aggressive move in an effort to block their escape" every time Beck tried to drive away. (View the lawsuit.)

Then, per the suit, an unidentified man jumped out of the SUV and ran toward Beck's car. Thinking they were being carjacked, Rice called 911, the complaint states.

Meaning, that could have been Rice's voice on the 911 Call police eventually released to the media, in which a panicky woman said that a "gentleman" was chasing them.

When the cars reached the parking lot of the Santa Monica Civic Center, near police headquarters, where Lohan was eventually taken, "police officers approached all of them with guns drawn, increasing plaintiff's emotional distress," the suit reads.

Rice also claimed that neither she nor Peck knew it was Lohan who was driving the other vehicle until the Mean Girls star was taken into custody.

Statements later made to the media on behalf of Lohan also contributed to her emotional fragility, Rice alleges. Claims that Peck was hysterical and had tried to run down the actress, and that her daughter was troubled, "only magnified the damage already caused by Lohan's irresponsible and extremely dangerous behavior."

Rice, who called the incident "one of the most frightening experiences of [her] life," is seeking unspecified damages.

"Reluctantly, I have decided to bring a civil action against Ms. Lohan for the enormous damage she has done to me by her conduct that evening," the plaintiff said in a statement released by her attorney. "Her actions showed a complete disregard for my safety and well-being and that of the entire community."

Meanwhile, the men who were supposedly unwitting passengers in Lohan's vehicle have hired their own lawyer and have threatened a separate legal action.

Lohan's publicist, Leslie Sloane Zelnik, has said her recently rehabbed client is currently receiving medical care but has not confirmed reports that she is in a Utah treatment facility.

Nevertheless, Lohan is due in dual courtrooms Aug. 24 to answer for the separate DUI charges she's facing in Beverly Hills and Santa Monica.