Movie ticket sales slumped over Independence Day Weekend—can Guardians of the Galaxy save the summer box office when it premieres in theaters Aug. 1? Marvel Studios and Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures released an extended trailer online Monday to promote the movie, which stars Dave Bautista (as Drax the Destroyer), Chris Pratt (as Peter Quill/Star-Lord) and Zoë Saldana (as Gamora).

The blockbuster also features the voice talents of Bradley Cooper (as Rocket), Vin Diesel (as Groot).

In the trailer, Pratt's character tells the band of misfits, "I look around, and do you know what I see? Losers. I mean, like, folks who have lost stuff: their homes, their families. And we're facing a threat that could destroy us all. If we're going to save the galaxy, we're going to have to do it together. Partners."

Fans also get their fist full looks at actor Michael Rooker as Yondu and actress Karen Gillan as Nebula.

Directed by James Gunn and produced by Kevin Feige, Guardians of the Galaxy also stars Glenn Close, Benicio del Toro, Karen Gillan, Djimon Hounsou, Lee Pace and John C. Reilly. Josh Brolin voices Thanos.

Hours after the trailer was released, Marvel Studios, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures and Gunn screened 17 minutes of the finished film in special IMAX 3D presentations across the United States.

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