From nerd to popular girl to big bad, Mona has had quite the journey on Pretty Little Liars!

In four seasons, Janel Parrish has had quite the acting challenge in portraying the many different Monas fans of the ABC Family hit series have met over the years. From donning sky high heels to the "A" Team's infamous hoodies, 

Leading up to PLL's milestone 100th episode, airing Tuesday, July 8, we're sharing an exclusive video of Parrish sharing her all-time favorite Mona moments. (And yes, she's wearing a hoodie in a lot of them!)

Prepare for "Mona madness," y'all! Seriously, just rewatching all of Mona's best (and craziest) moments in the exclusive clip above has us counting down the days until the 100th episode, which is titled "Miss Me x 100."

In the show's huge episode, Alison (Sasha Pieterse) finally returns to Rosewood High, but she'll face one unexpected foe: Mona, backed by her army of followers, who are not exactly ready to welcome back the Queen Bee back with open arms, even if she's willing to apologize. (Hell hath no fury like a former nerd scorned!)

Plus, fans can expect to see the return of fan favorite Caleb (Tyler Blackburn), forcing Hanna (Ashley Benson) to finally make a decision in her complicated love life. (Psh, like Travis stands a chance!) 

Pretty Little Liars airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on ABC Family. 

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